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Transport et déménagement region le Mache Italie

Déménagement Paris Ancona 
Transport moto Urbino
Petit déménagement Pesaro
Transport de meubles Fano 
Expediter des colis Piceno
Expediter des boites Fermo
San Benedetto del Tronto
Livraison de cartons Cingoli
Transporter un scooter Macerata.
Transport d’antiquités Fermo
Envoyer des bagages Cagli
Envoi de valises Camerino
Déménagement partiel Cingoli
Déménagement etudiant Jesi
Envoi de colis Offida
Déménager Recanati
Transport de valises sarnano

Le Marche region

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The four Provinces of Le March are:  AnconaAscoli PicenoMacerataPesaro e Urbino

Le Marche is situated on the east coast of Italy fronting the Adriatic Sea, with Umbria to the west, Emilia Romagna and the independent Republic of San Marino to the north, Abruzzo to the south, and a small corner of Lazio Roma to the south west.  To the west of the Ascoli Piceno and Macerata provinces are the impressive Sibillini Mountains. The Sibillinis make up the regions National Park and Nature Reserve. From this mountain range, hills roll eastwards towards the coast. The Adriatic coast offers a great variety of resorts from the very quiet to the crowded, both sandy and pebbly.  As well as the National Park there are a number of Regional Parks in the Province of Ancona, namely the Parco Regionale della Gola, della Rossa and di Frasassi where you will find the famous caves Grotte di Frasassi.  South of Ancona there is the Parco Regionale del Conero.  There are numerous ruins from the era of the Roman Empire.  Architectural styles for churches, public buildings and the palaces of the wealthy range from Romanesque to Byzantine and Gothic. 

Le_MarcheLocal Cuisine
The traditional foods are porchetta, free-range chickens, game, vegetables, olives, salamis, hams and sausages. The dressing used most is oil, but for some foods, also butter and, above all, lard is used.  In addition, the province of Pesaro is the biggest truffle producer in Italy, particularly of the prized white truffle in direct competition with Alba: the capital in the Marches for truffles is Acqualagna, between Pesaro and Urbino where the famous market is held. Brodetto is the most famous fish stew of the Adriatic coast and varies in form from each coastal town. The Le Marche versions of Brodetto include red and gray mullet, cuttlefish or squid (or both), oil, garlic and saffron - served on either fried or toasted bread. Other seafood favourites include the port of Ancona's Stoccafisso (dried codfish, which is not native to the Mediterranean), and local varieties like sole, bream, clams and mussels, Vincisgrassi is the lasagna of Le Marche made with ground pork, mushrooms, tomato and béchamel sauce and topped with local truffles. Favourite meats include veal, rabbit, game birds (quail, pigeon), chicken and goose. Both meats and fish are usually done either in a porchetta style using fennel, garlic and rosemary or potacchio (with onion, tomato, white wine and rosemary). Pecorino, especially young Pecorino is the most favoured cheese of Le Marche but Casciotta d'Urbino  is also popular. Le Marche desserts are not overwhelmingly sweet and often use sweetened cheeses like Pecorino or Ricotta as ingredients such as Calcioni and Piconi. Other desserts include a Pizza Dolce, or sweet Pizza and Frustenga, a cake made with raisins, figs and walnuts.

The wines of Le Marche include reds like Ancona's Rosso Conero, the popular Rosso Picenoand and the sparkling Vernaccia di Serrapetrona . However the real standout of Le Marche is its white wines, especially Verdicchio (dei Castelli di Iesi or di Matelica - both DOC), considered by many to be the absolute best wine to have with seafood. Bianchello del Metauro (DOC) is a traditional straw colour white that is excellent with Le Marche's shellfish. Spirits of Le Marche include homemade Grappa and other infused liquors but the most popular is Mistra, an anise liqueur used as a digestive.

Places of Interest to see in Le Marche
Ancona:   the principal port of Le Marche and home to some of Italy's best seafood.
Cingoli :  a small, hilltop city in the heart of the Marchigiano hills, at 631 meters (2,070 feet) above sea level.
Numana : is placed on one of the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic coast. From its gardens of Piazza Nova you can see standing out to the north the magnificent limestone headland of Monte Conero,  the central area of the park of the same name.

Most Beautiful Villages - Marche

The following Italian towns and villages in Marche are listed among the most beautiful in Italy: Cingoli : Corinaldo : Esanatoglia : Gradara: Grottammare : Matelica : Montecassiano : Montefabbri :  Montefiore dell'As : Montelupone:  Moresco : Offida : San Ginesio:  Sarnano: Treia and Visso.

RGTS Europe Ltd operates a twice monthly small removal service, light haulage, motorcycle transport to and from the Le Marche region.
From a few boxes to full house move contents, furniture removals, DIY goods, scooters.

Useful information about Le Marche, RGTS Europe ltd operates a twice monthly small removal and light haulage service to Le Marche.

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