- From just a few boxes
- Excess baggage
- Professional service
- Free storage (short term)
- Long term storage in London and paris at competitive prices
- Students discount
- Packaging services

- Removals London Paris, Paris London
- Friendly and reliable service
- Door to door service
- Flexible collection and delivery dates
- Competitive price plans
- Full removal insurance cover-up to £20,000 with no extra charge
- Antiques and art transport between London and Paris

- Motorcycle and scooter transport from london to Paris

- Parcel transport London Paris

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Small removals to and from the UK to the following places in Midi Pyrénées

Removals to Toulouse
moving to Montauban
Send boxes to Tarbes
Ship Motorbike to Albi
Transport Colomiers
Removal UK to Rodez
shipping Tournefeuille
Small removal to Auch
Moving UK to Millau
removal UK to Muret
Moving UK to Blagnac
Removal UK to Cahors
Small removal to Lourdes
Plaisance du touch
Send boxes to Pamiers
Removal to Cugnaux
Moving to Graulhet
movers uk to Moissac
House move to l'Union
Ship boxes to Balma
Villefranche de Rouergue
Ramonville st agne
Moving to Castelsarrazin
Removals UK to Gaillac
St Orens de Gameville
Move to St Gaudens
Removals Mazamet
Castanet Tolosan
Moving to Carmaux
Onet le chateau
Removal UK to Figeac
Ship boxes Capdenac
Small removal to Foix
Portet sur Garonne
Moving to Lavaur
Ship Bike to St jean
Villeneuve Tolosane
Bagnieres de bigorre
Removal UK to Revel
Moving to Casteginest

Midi Pyrenées | small removals |shipping services


The Midi Pyrenees region consists of eight departments;

12   Aveyron – main city Rodez

82   Tarn et Garonne – main city Montauban

81   Tarn – main city Albi

65   Hautes Pyrénées – main city Tarbes

32   Gers – main city Auch

31   Haute Garonne – main city Toulouse 

09   Ariege – main city Foix

46   Lot – main city Cahors

Midi Pyrenees is located in the south of France.  Part of the Basque lands is found in the departments of Gers, Haute-Garonne, Hautes-Pyrénées, Tarn-et-Garonne and Ariège.  The region also encompasses part of the historical province of Gascony. The region is diverse and has very contrasting landscapes. The Pyrénées are distributed along its southern part, which is adjacent to Spain, and cover much of the departments of Hautes-Pyrénées, Haute-Garonne and Ariège.  Forests abound in the mountainous areas which can reach more than 3000m (providing excellent skiing), whilst further to the north there are fertile plains beside rivers for agriculture. During recent years an important electronic, avionic and space industry, has been centred on Toulouse. This has provoked radical changes in the local infrastructure and communications network. 

Midi_Pyrenees| transport removal and part removals| Spain| Italy| UK| Belgium| Switzerland| motorcycle motorbike transport| personal belongings| art workThe region wines and spirits include Guyenne (Bergerac), Cahors, Tarn and Rouergue (Gaillac), Gascogne and Pyrénées (Armagnac, Madiran).  Local produce to be found in this area are Foie gras, Chorizo sausage, Sweet and hot peppers, Jambon de Bayonne, Salted meats, charcuterie and seafood.  The local cuisine is known for its Garbure - a thick green vegetable soup, Sauce Basquaise - Tomatoes onions and garlic, Pipérade - tomatoes and sweet peppers cooked in olive oil.  Regional cheeses to be found are   tomme de Vache Barousse, Cabécou, faisselle, Moulis, Pyrénées, Rocamadour, Roquefort, and tomme des Pyrénées.
By Plane
Direct flights from Paris to both the Toulouse Airport and the Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport are just over one hour.
By Train
Train trips from Paris to Toulouse can last anywhere from 5.5 to about 8 hours, depending on the train you choose. The fastest choice is the high-speed TGV; other choices include the Corail Téoz and the Corail Lunéa. All can be accessed here.
By Car
to Toulouse is about 680 km and will take about 5.5-6 hours to drive. Take the A62 Autoroute from Paris, Limoges, or Bordeaux.

RGTS Europe Ltd operates a weekly small removal service, light haulage, motorcycle transport to and from the Midi Pyrenees region.
from a few boxes to full house move contents, furniture removals, diy goods, scooters.

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RGTS Europe Ltd
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Office 1:
+44 (0)1 823 322 869

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What our clients say

Good morning Remi,

My father tells me that you have duly been and collected my things from his flat - he asked me to tell you by the way that he found your team very efficient and pleasant!


What RGTS Europe can transport

What we transport
-UK To France
-UK To Spain
-UK To Italy
-UK To Belgium
-UK To Ireland
-UK to Switzerland

- Motorbike, Scooter
- Quads ,Go kark
- Bicycles, pushbikes
- white goods
- Furniture
- Boxes, Archives
- Crates
- Personal belongings
- Suitcases
- Excess Luggage
- Trunks
- Travel bags
- Musical instruments
- Antiques
- Artwork
- Fragile objects
- Exhibition goods
- Outdoor Activity Toys
- Climbing Frames
- swings, slides
- Wendy houses
- Sheds
- Garden equipment
- Lawnmowers
- Ride on Mowers
- Micro tractors
- Garden Machinery
- Diy Goods
- Scaffolding
- Buiding equipment
- Car parts
- Engines, gearboxes
- Trailers (on tow)
- Caravan (on tow)
- Boats up to 5 m(on trailer)
- Jetskis (on trailer)