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Moving to the Namur Region

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Namur (Dutch: Namen) is a province of Wallonia and of Belgium. It has a surface area of 3664 km², a population of 444,000, and is divided into three administrative districts; Dinant, Namur and Philippeville which contain 38 municipalities.  It borders the Belgian provinces of Hainaut, Walloon Brabant, Liege and Luxembourg, and France. The capital of the Namur region is the city of Namur and has a population of 105,000. 

Namur is largely agricultural and reputedly the most beautiful province of Belgium, thanks to its green hills and stone villages similar to the English Cotswolds.  Along the Meuse Valley are numerous castles from every historical period. 11 of the 23 most beautiful villages of Wallonia are located in this province.  There are also extensive marble, limestone, and granite quarries; iron mines; and glass and cutlery factories. The province is mainly French-speaking.

Places to see in Namur                                                                                              

The Citadel: is the cities greatest monument and a proud landmark of Namur. The place is historically significant and served as a strategic fortress and was witness to many aggressions, sieges and numerous wars.
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The Meat Hall: is built on the banks of the Sambre river and  is one of the most significant archaeological museums of Wallonia. It was constructed in the latter half of the sixteenth century of blue stones and brick.  

St. James tower : built in 1385 is Namur’s only belfry tower. Located on the 'Place des Armes', it watches over the city and was used during its time as a lookout for the city.

Saint-Aubain cathedral is the main building in the centre of the old Namur.  It was constructed between 1751 and 1767 in the  Baroque and Rococo style. It houses a few historic paintings of Anthony van Dyck, Jacob Jordaens, and Nicolai (a student of Rubens).

Food and Drink:

Namur is famous for food influenced by German quantity and French quality.  Meat and red wine are the favourites in this area.  Flamiche made from bread dough, butter, boulette Namur_cuisine
cheese and eggs and then cooked over a wood fire  is a favoured dish in this area. This dish is so popular that there is a flamiche festival held every September in Dinant.  It is eaten in conjunction with the flamiche-amber ale.  Favoured meat in this region is venison, Ardennes sausage, smoked ham, veal, pork and the famous Ardennes paté.  Salads are also popular and, the salade liégeoise, rich with warm bacon pieces and green beans, is predominantly indulged in throughout the region. The dessert consists of tarts topped with rhubarb or sugar.

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